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This is a manual for using the CatGlobe scripting language (CGScript), it was written with the assumption that you have understood principles like questionnaires, questionnaire templates, answer sheets and data caches. Due to historical reasons these object use different terms when being used in CGScript. See below to understand the equivalents.

Notice the meaning of this vocabulary as follows:




Equal to Questionnaire Templates. This may be fairly confusing, but there are a number of places where we use the term questionnaire to define questionnaire templates rather than questionnaires. This is due to historical reasons where the questionnaire object was instead called Project Questionnaire

Project Questionnaire (PQ)

In newer terms this is the same as the Questionnaire object.

Resource Project Questionnaire (RPQ)

Identical to Answer Sheets. One instance of one users ability to answer one questionnaire.

Data table

The resulting table of information created using the Data Cache module.

Work flow

Running of CG Script using the CG Script prompt. Can either be run once or recurringly.


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