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Asset types

In order to group assets by type, Catglobe offers users to specify what type of assets are available. A typical asset type would be a PC, a phone, a car and so on.


The asset type list has a column called “Can delete” which shows whether or not any assets exist of the given asset type. If none do, then the asset type can be deleted.

If the web config setting called add key="FacilityAssetAutoUpdate" is set to value="false", then below the name of the asset will appear a list of facilities. In this list you can specify how many of any asset type that exist at each of these locations. If you set value="true", then the calculation will be done automatically by the system by looking at the assets and their registration at the different facilities. The reason we do not always just do the latter is, that some companies do not wish to administer each single asset as singular identities, but just wish to get a quick overview of how many of any asset exist at any given facility.

Assets types can be updated in multiple languages, so the language the user will see in drop downs on the asset page will fit his personal language preferences.