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Question Identifier

There are several needs of using values answered by questionnaire respondents: in conditions to redirect the flow of the questions, in action reports at the end of the questionnaire, or calculate values based on answered values... Question identifiers are used for that purpose.

Question identifiers can be used just like other normal variables: in expressions, be assigned value to or parameters in functions... However, they are dependent on a questionnaire answer sheet context.

When a questionnaire answer sheet context is set in the script, question identifiers are automatically created for all questions in the questionnaire with names looking exactly like question labels.

Question identifiers can also be created by using getQuestion function in order to retrieve a question's answer in another questionnaire.

Values and types of question identifiers are different based on the question types.

If a question has not been answered, its question identifier's value is initialized with empty.

Assignment can be used for setting value to questions, and to copy values among questions.

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