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Report module

Catglobe's report modules consist of a range of features that make it possible to present data to the end clients.

We generally split the report tools into two categories:

Static reports and diagrams: Diagrams and reports which are made using the document, presentation and spreadsheet tools. By static is meant, that the user reading the output, has no option to do additional filtering or change the variables of the output. These reports and diagrams give us the greatest possibility to add text and analysis to the results, since we know exactly what each client will be seeing.

Monitor sites with dynamic diagrams and dashboards: Using a combination of monitor sites, dynamic diagrams and dashboards we can give the end clients the possibility to do advanced analysis on their data. This includes various diagram types where user can set things like time line, products, filters, target groups, comparison filters and much more. The diagram types available are tracking, standard, campaign, and cross. Dashboards further make it possible to make completely new dynamic visualizations and interpretations of data.

To make both dynamic and static diagrams graphically attractive, Catglobe offers the reports style sheet feature, which gives you the possibility to both make style sheets that influence entire reports as well as individual modifications.


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