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Work planning

Work planning is really all about managing people and time. It includes a number of different modules and does require you to know the basic elements of Catglobe resources, security and navigation in order to use these features.

Catglobe work planning offer some unique tools that we believe will change the way that part-time employees and support of working from home is done. The main idea of the work planning tools is that a few people can manage a lot of people via just setting up the rules of work in a system and let the system automatically organize communication and meeting schedules with the employees.

The main modules to accomplish this are the following:

Qualifications: By specifying employees’ strengths and weaknesses we can ensure that the system automatically calls in the right people for the right job.

Shifts: The Shifts module makes it possible to specify what work you have available at what location and at what time. It further enables you to make some demands to what qualifications the employees who need to do this job should have.

Time registration: This module makes it possible to register time used on nearly any resource in Catglobe and also make lots of analysis to find out how the time of the employees was spent. It has extensions to the Cost modules that make it an important element of managing total cost of projects and invoicing of clients.

Time planner: An Outlook type calendar feature where people’s daily work can be scheduled and the man-hours allocated for resources be split over exact users, days and hours.

My calendar: The personal view of those assignments that have been given a user in the Time planner. It also shows the user other information like Shifts and deadlines.

Fieldwork manager: A tool to manage employees’ working both at work and at home. It enables an administrator to track exact minute by minute work done by employees and quickly reschedule their work and responsibilities. It has a number of very advanced features to manage CATI assignments as well. The description of this feature is thus found under the CATI chapter.

Projects and Tasks: These modules make sure that you can plan what work needs to be done and who is to do it as well as manage deadlines and milestones.


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